BEAM AX® is a cloud-based energy management system that provides data-driven actionable insights to reduce energy costs of commercial buildings. BEAM AX® collects and analyzes facility data in a sleek interface — accessible via desktop, tablets and smartphones.

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BEAM AX® Benefits include:

Analyze Energy Use
Interpret historical and current energy usage and costs. View the impact of weather and tariffs on your utility charges.

Set Budget Goals & Track Performance
Establish your energy goals either monthly or annually.

Forecast Demand Charges
Predict power demand and charges 5-days ahead to proactively manage peak demand charges.

Detect Anomalies
Detect and diagnose anomalous energy usage behavior and patterns that could attribute to driving up unwanted costs.

Tariff Analysis
Compare alternative tariffs to discover potential cost savings based on historical energy use patterns.

Benchmark Property
Benchmark usage and costs for a portfolio of properties normalized by both building size and weather impact to assist in identifying properties that need the most attention.

Solar Analytics
Bring together your solar production data with your energy use data to maintain visibility into the energy use of your building. Review the energy and demand savings obtained from your solar energy system.


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