Custom-engineered elevators are a suitable solution for any building owner and building type.  Mitsubishi Electric can modernize all makes and types of elevators by replacing all major components or just those that need it.  Enjoy the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric’s rigorous installation and engineering standards while maintaining your freedom of choice.  Mitsubishi Electric maintains and services not only our own but all other major brands of equipment as well.

Hydraulic Elevator Modernization

With a Mitsubishi Electric hydraulic elevator modernization, we offer a substantial menu of modernization options — depending on your equipment condition and budget.

Hydraulic elevator modernization can include:

  • Microprocessor Based Programmable Control System with Electronic Soft Starting
  • Emergency Power Battery Lowering Device
  • Closed Loop Door Operating System
  • Hydraulic Power Unit (Tank, Valve, Pump, Motor & Muffler)
  • Car & Hall Pushbutton Fixtures & Indicators
  • Seismic Rupture Valve
  • Hydraulic Cylinder & Piston
  • Hydraulic Piping
  • Security Upgrades
  • Cab Interior Renovations

Traction Elevator Modernization

With a “Mitsubishi Electric Component Integration” traction elevator modernization, we use the existing elevator structure while upgrading the ride quality and reliability with state-of-the-art components.  Upgrade to a Mitsubishi Electric closed loop door operator or a sophisticated, energy saving VVVF inverter.

“Mitsubishi Electric Component Integration” traction elevator modernization can include:

  • Mitsubishi Electric Microprocessor Based Control System
  • Mitsubishi  Electric Microprocessor Based Efficient Dispatch System
  • Energy Efficient AC Drives or SCR Drives on Existing DC Gearless Machines
  • Traction Machines (Geared / Gearless)
  • Rope Brake System
  • Mitsubishi Electric Closed Loop Door Operating System
  • Car & Hall Pushbutton Fixtures & Indicators
  • Car & Counterweight Roller Guides
  • Seismic Upgrades
  • Security Upgrades
  • Cab Interior Renovations or Cab Replacement

NOTE: Complete tear-out modernizations are available.  Contact your local Mitsubishi Electric Modernization representative to discuss the best option for your building.


At Mitsubishi Electric, we start with a reliable product and exacting installation methods.  Our trained service technicians focus on a detailed preventive maintenance program, rather than only responding to call-backs.  This philosophy results in an industry-leading call-back ratio of less than one call-back, per unit, per year on Mitsubishi Electric equipment — and it also reduces call-backs on all major brands of equipment. Because we adhere to regularly scheduled maintenance practices, we replace parts before they wear out — ensuring that Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators maintain our high level of quality and continue to run seamlessly.  The result is a cycle of quality product and service for the life of the building — guaranteeing the smoothest, quietest and most reliable elevators and escalators possible.

Our continued maintenance goals:

  • Reduce Call-backs
  • Reduce Invoices
  • Extend Equipment Lifetime