A Leader in Excellence and Innovation

Mitsubishi Electric Elevators is seldom the lowest cost, yet when Owners seek to make a value purchase, Mitsubishi almost always gets the award. Our esteemed customers keep coming back to us over and over again because they recognize and value the high quality of our products and services.

What value do we offer?

Top Quality

Mitsubishi Elevators has a global reputation for providing traction elevator products that are exceptionally quiet, smooth-riding, safe and reliable. Our elevators are so smooth you may not even realize you are moving! In addition our reliability record, measured in industry standard callback rates, averages less than one callback per elevator per year! This is an untouchable standard in the industry, no other company comes close. So go ahead, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Superior Quality Door Operation

Mitsubishi door operators are known throughout the industry, consultant community and with building owners for the smoothest, quietest, virtually undetectable door operation. You have to see and experience it to believe it!

Conservatively Designed and Engineered Products

Our Company errs on the side of “conservative” so that you can rely on our elevators for many years to come. Most major manufacturers today have “cost” engineered their products, which produces a bare minimum requirement. Mitsubishi values quality above all and will spend more money to provide the Owner with a better built product. Our elevator components have more steel, larger and more energy efficient motors, and more.


Our installation department is second to none in the industry. General Contractors keep coming back to us year after year even if we aren’t the low bid once they see how we consistently accomplish project commitments for completion. They want us on their project because they know we keep our word and honor our commitments.


Mitsubishi Elevators installed and maintained by our company average less than one callback per elevator PER YEAR. The industry average is more than 6 times that.

Proximity of Our Factory

We fabricate several key elevator components (hydraulic elevator systems and Diamond-Trac® components including entrances, fixtures and rail brackets) in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, which is the closest elevator factory to the Southern California market, ensuring fast delivery.

Please consider the company whose reputation is second to none for your next project. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.