Cab Designer® Tool

The Cab Designer® Tool allows you to virtually design elevator cabs by generating mockups of observation, passenger or service elevators with available options, various components and finishes — such as cab bases, ceilings, walls, handrails, doors and floor options — can be selected to customize designs.

Design to your specifications

With the Elevator Cab Designer® Tool, you can design elevator cabs for a variety of applications:

  • Observation Cabs: Provide a window to the outside world with a glass wall
  • Passenger Cabs: Offer passengers a ride in comfort and style
  • Service Cabs: Keep your building operating safely and efficiently

Our library of versatile cab designs with common configurations gives you a great starting point if you’re looking for some inspiration. You can also start from scratch and build your own unique concept from the ground up. Choose layouts, materials and finishes for the walls, ceiling, handrails, door/COP, floor and more. The user-friendly tool makes it easy to try different looks with realistic 3D images of your designs.

Bring your design to life

It’s easy to send a link of your design to a colleague for review and additional edits, if needed. Once you’re happy with your finished cab design, simply email your concept with a click of a button and a sales representative will be in contact with you. We’ll work together to bring your personally designed elevator cab from concept to reality.

Design your custom cab now