Our Series S escalator offers more than just a way to transport passengers. The Series S fulfills, and indeed exceeds, customer expectations of visual, functional and safety elements while giving passengers an experience in vertical transportation that goes above and beyond that of an ordinary escalator. With a multitude of standard options, the Series S can be “customized” to any design style at an incomparable value. These options include solid or glass balustrades, three different step widths, colored handrails and flexibility of rise up to 29’-6”. We also provide fixture options and a monitoring system allowing building managers to rapidly respond to changing traffic patterns, thus optimizing the performance of escalators.



"M’s BRIDGE™" connects your elevators with a service called "Predictive Maintenance". We combine optimal maintenance technologies accumulated and improved over many years with the latest technologies.

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The EZ-Assist System

Use our convenient online tool to help efficiently plan an escalator installation project. The free service includes useful tools for calculating passenger traffic, creating layout drawings, and applying escalator specifications.

Mitsubishi EZ-Assist System

Visual Excellence

Features that blend with the building’s architecture serve passengers naturally and quietly.

Photo of a blurred figure descending a linear escalator.

Our rounded handrail inlet cap streamlines with the moving handrails, lending a silent elegance to the boarding and landing areas.

A screw-free inner deck not only presents an even smoother, more streamlined look, but also removes the possibility of passengers snagging their clothes.

Shortening the Truss increases freedom in building layout by requiring less escalator installation space.

Tailor the appearance of your escalators even further with 8 vibrant color options for moving handrails available in both rubber and polyurethane*, which add an element of excitement to the escalator experience.

*Not applicable to outdoor use.

Enhanced Safety

Our comb angle is among the smallest available (10° to the horizontal) and prevents passengers from stumbling and items from getting caught between the comb and the step.

A brighter demarcation color provides better visibility of the step, comb and floor plate.

Anti-slip grooves along the corner edge of each step improve both anti-slip performance and step visibility, especially in downward operation.

Tiered demarcation lines along both sides of a step extrude from the step surface, preventing passengers from getting too close or coming into direct contact with the skirt guard.

A fluoropolymer coating on the skirt guard reduces the chance of passengers stumbling on the skirt guard with a friction-reducing resin.

Step demarcation lighting provided under the steps around the landing areas improves safety by giving passengers clear borders of green light around the gap between the steps and the skirt guard.

Added Functionality

Handrail Inlet Cap LED Indicator

LED lamps form an arrow to indicate the escalator’s traveling direction for boarding, or a “No-Entry” sign at the landing areas.

*Not applicable to outdoor use.

Inlet Sensor

This sensor keeps any passengers or foreign objects away from the handrail inlet by using a warning buzzer and voice alert sound when a person or object comes close to the inlet.

*Not applicable to outdoor use.

Floor Numbers on Floor Plates

Floor numbers can be engraved on each floor plate to help passengers quickly identify which floor they are on. Anti-slip patterns on the surface also provide increased safety.