Mitsubishi Electric is the only manufacturer in the world to offer spiral (curved) escalators for indoor use and up to 21' - 7" of vertical rise. These escalators have a similar life cycle as compared to our linear (straight) escalators and offer a unique and sensory riding experience, engaging passengers with their surrounding environment as they travel. We also provide a monitoring and control system managing the changing traffic patterns for optimized performance.



"M’s BRIDGE™" connects your elevators with a service called "Predictive Maintenance". We combine optimal maintenance technologies accumulated and improved over many years with the latest technologies.

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The EZ-Assist System

Use our convenient online tool to help efficiently plan an escalator installation project. The free service includes useful tools for calculating passenger traffic, creating layout drawings, and applying escalator specifications.

Mitsubishi EZ-Assist System

Flowing Curves that Offer New Dimensions in Space Design

With graceful arcs that flow elegantly through any building space, Mitsubishi Electric spiral escalators widen passenger perspective and add new contours to the surrounding area. Enhancing the connection between passengers and their environments, spiral escalators are just one example of how we’re developing more comfortable public environments and forging new relationships between people and space.

A Grand Entrance

A top-down photo of the spiral escalator in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Our spiral escalators’ elegantly functional layout not only enhances the impact of a building’s interior architecture, it also guides visitors smoothly into the building, and the inherent beauty of this unique design transforms an entrance hall into a landmark that is sure to enhance the reputation and value of any building.

Efficient Use of Space

Installed in the corners or at the sides of a large room, spiral escalators greatly increase the amount of usable floor space. This arrangement easily lends itself to high end retail stores or art galleries and is ideal for any space where people gather and control of pedestrian traffic is central to the organization of the space.

Multiple Plan

Stacking spiral escalators above each other in a multiple plan configuration creates a spectacular atrium effect. In addition, the arrangement of a series of spiral escalators in a continuously rising pattern offers a unique panoramic view of the building, an inspired solution for office buildings, malls, casinos, hotels, and museums.