Evolving societal needs and challenges have changed the way we interact with offices, residences, hotels, malls, and other facilities — and the way we move within these spaces is no exception. But even in the most unprecedented times, vertical transportation remains essential for multi-story buildings.

With sleek and sophisticated touchless interfaces, and an intuitive smartphone application, the PureRide™ suite of solutions helps our customers improve the usability and convenience of elevators and escalators as our society creates a more comfortable, resilient, and responsive built environment.

PureRide® Touchless Control

This simple, no-touch product allows users to call an elevator and designate a destination floor by placing a hand or finger over a sensor. A LED “halo” centralizes the sensor’s target and provides user feedback regarding their finger or hand position. The fixture light illuminates to indicate the call input has been registered. Designed for both new installations and retrofit, this system can be quickly installed with no disruption to existing wall finishes or need for additional conduit. It may also be installed in conjunction with the building’s access control system (whether existing or newly installed).

Smartphone Elevator Call System

This convenient and intuitive smartphone application works with destination dispatch systems and buildings’ access control systems to allow passengers to summon a car from their phone while inside the building. The app displays the assigned elevator and its current status and then sends an alert to the passenger as the car approaches. This results in less crowded waiting areas and improved rider comfort.