Whether you’re a building owner, a general contractor, an elevator consultant or an architect — you need your elevators and escalators to perform consistently. At Mitsubishi Electric, we start with a reliable product and exacting installation methods. Our products are designed to last far beyond the industry average, and our maintenance team is on the job to make sure that our hydraulic elevators, machine-room-less elevators, high-speed elevators and other vertical transportation equipment continually performs at its best. We’re equipped to provide elevator maintenance, elevator repair and elevator service for a number of applications and building types — including medical, residential, commercial, retail and hospitality.


Elevator & Escalator Maintenance Services

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Hear why our customers are choosing Mitsubishi Electric for elevator maintenance

"With the past companies, we didn’t really have the connection. There were too many breakdowns. They were not responsive in a timely manner [...] Since Mitsubishi Electric has taken over maintenance, we’ve had zero downtime."

– Kevin Holcomb: South Coast Plaza, Facilities Director

Regularly scheduled elevator maintenance practices

When you choose Mitsubishi as your elevator service provider, our trained service technicians focus on a detailed preventive maintenance program — rather than only responding to callbacks. This philosophy results in an industry-leading average callback ratio of less than one callback, per unit, per year on Mitsubishi Electric manufactured elevators.

We provide maintenance for all major elevator brands

Did you know? Mitsubishi Electric provides elevator maintenance and repair services in the U.S. for all major elevator brands. Without preventative maintenance, you run the risk of unplanned downtime, high-cost emergency repairs, decreased reliability and a shortened equipment lifespan. Our service technicians can help reduce the frequency of callbacks and keep your equipment functioning properly.

Reducing callbacks with a robust door operating system

Did you know that most elevator callbacks are a result of door issues or malfunctions? That’s why our elevator technicians isolate the door operation mechanism and apply a robust door operating system — which helps dramatically reduce the number of door-related callbacks.

Proactive part replacement for continuous service

Because our elevator mechanics replace parts before they wear out, we’re able to ensure that Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators maintain our high level of quality and continue to run seamlessly. The result is a cycle of quality product and service for the life of the building — guaranteeing the smoothest, quietest and most reliable elevators and escalators possible.

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