When you purchase Mitsubishi Electric vertical transportation products — from hydraulic elevators to machine-room-less elevators to high-speed traction elevators and custom observation (glass) elevators — you gain equipment outfitted with the latest technology and industry innovations. Our technology requires specific and special care, which is why we recommend retaining Mitsubishi Electric U.S. as your service provider.

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Knowledge, experience and training

Our elevator service technicians are the most familiar with the operation, parts and component interaction of our products. When you work with Mitsubishi Electric for elevator maintenance, you can be confident that we have the equipment technology, diagnostic tools and online factory assistance for troubleshooting. Our technicians have developed a keen sense of the proper operation and expectations of Mitsubishi Electric equipment in both normal and emergency operations. We also have decades of experience exclusively employing the AC VVVF drive system — something that is still new or experimental for many other companies.

“I have personally been in the facility operations business since 1984 and I have found it very difficult to find an elevator company, technicians and mechanics supportive of my needs, goals and mission, yet Mitsubishi Electric has satisfied all of that and beyond.”

— Rich Mitchell: The Broad, Director of Facilities

A preventative elevator maintenance philosophy

Our entire maintenance philosophy centers around avoiding shutdowns in the first place. We do not wait for failure indications before providing maintenance. In addition to the initial quality of Mitsubishi Electric elevator products, we are equipped to keep your equipment in top shape and maximize uptime. In addition to servicing Mitsubishi equipment, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide maintenance for all major third-party elevator brands as well.

Original replacement parts

Replacement parts manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric are guaranteed to be compatible with the system. We maintain a replacement parts inventory for elevators which are under service contract — giving us the ability to provide a repair downtime guarantee.

Customer spotlight: The Broad

When this contemporary art museum in downtown Los Angeles needed a reliable vertical transportation partner, Mitsubishi Electric rose to the challenge. Learn how our custom service contract and observation (glass) elevator design helped The Broad achieve uncompromised accessibility to every floor for every guest.

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Contract coverage and fair price

We have a track record of offering “full coverage” under our full maintenance agreement — minimizing the extras. Our objective is to be competitive with market pricing, utilizing a predictable monthly maintenance billing model to keep your system running and minimize unpleasant surprises.

Contract services to meet your unique needs

Whatever your goals, we can create a custom service contract to help you get there. We think ahead to implement creative ways to provide best-in-class services — from stocking custom parts onsite to minimize repair time to ensuring accessibility is not compromised. Not only do we provide unparalleled maintenance services, we can also leverage our engineering resources to develop custom new equipment — including observation (glass) elevators.

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