Our conventional (overhead machine room type) high-speed elevators are available in a range of speeds, from 500 fpm (feet per minute) to over 3500 fpm, and in capacities between 2000 and 6000 lbs. All machines are permanent magnet gearless type with dual disk brakes and are equipped with the latest in vertical transport technology, including energy-saving regenerative drives, destination controls and available monitoring services are also available.

A side-view photo of a high speed elevator shaft.Mitsubishi Electric consistently produces some of the most technologically innovative elevators in the world, and our products continue to establish industry benchmarks for quality and set new standards for performance and reliability. The Mitsubishi Electric Series GPM-III elevators use advances in core technology to realize optimum performance and efficiency. These advances include new gearless traction machines with a PM (Permanent Magnet) motor*, VVVF (Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency) Inverters, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Network Systems. Our Intelligent Door Systems detect the actual door load conditions at each floor and automatically adjust the door speed and torque as needed for superior efficiency and intuitive operation. The result is stable, sensitive, and responsive door openings and closings. Standard and optional features and functions are available with Series-III GPM elevators to improve passenger safety and comfort, and simplify building management. 

*1 PM motor is applied to elevators with rated speed of 400fpm and higher.

This product is ideal for buildings with the following features and service needs:

  • Require car speeds of 500 fpm up to 3500 fpm and levels from 15 to 120.
  • Industries such as highrise hospitality, apartments and condominiums, commercial office buildings and more.