Mitsubishi Electric consistently produces some of the most technologically innovative elevators in the world, and our products continue to establish industry benchmarks for quality and set new standards for performance and reliability. Our conventional (overhead machine room type) high-speed elevators are available in a range of speeds and capacities. All machines are permanent magnet gearless type with dual disk brakes and are equipped with the latest in vertical transport technology — including energy-saving regenerative drives and destination controls. Intelligent door systems detect the actual door load conditions at each floor and automatically adjust the door speed and torque as needed for superior efficiency and intuitive operation. Monitoring services are also available.

Our Destination Dispatch System

Our ΣAI-2200C Destination Dispatch System uses intuitive operation to offer an efficient, comfortable ride. The Destination Oriented Allocation System (DOAS®) enables passengers to register their destination floor before entering the elevator by using a hall operating panel. With the latest advancements in fuzzy-logic, the system selects the optimal car to respond based on factors such as waiting time, travel time, current car occupancy and energy consumption. Flexible car allocation helps reduce congestion and minimizes the risk of passenger irritability.

READY CONNECT® Network Communication Protocol Gateway

READY CONNECT® is a network communication device that allows Mitsubishi Electric Diamond-Trac® and Diamond HS™ passenger elevator systems to communicate and connect with other building systems, acting as an interpreter. Historically, elevator systems have been relatively isolated and difficult to integrate with other building systems for monitoring and control. Mitsubishi Electric’s READY CONNECT® network communication protocol gateway, however, opens the doors to the next level of connectivity with the ability to speak to multiple systems, including HVAC, security and user information systems, concierge desk assistant bots, parking garages and more.

Introducing our PureRide® Vertical Transportation Solutions

PureRide® Touchless Control

This simple, no-touch product allows users to call an elevator and designate a destination floor by placing a hand or finger over a sensor without the need to touch at all.

Elevator Call System via Smartphone

Our exclusive smartphone application is designed to offer even more convenient access to elevators equipped with the DOAS® Integrated with Security System. This intuitive and user-friendly app increases mobility and helps add value to the building. With the ID Card Call function, passengers can request an elevator from the lobby to their destination floor before entering building security. After authenticating at security via ID card, passengers confirm their assigned elevator once inside the building. With the Smartphone Call function, passengers already in the building can select their departure and destination floors when requesting an elevator. With both functions, the smartphone displays the elevator assigned to the passenger, shows its current status, and uses push notifications to alert the passenger as the elevator car approaches. Passengers can also easily request a wheelchair accessible elevator, when needed.



"M’s BRIDGE™" connects your elevators with a service called "Predictive Maintenance". We combine optimal maintenance technologies accumulated and improved over many years with the latest technologies.

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The EZ-Assist System

Use our convenient online tool to help efficiently plan an elevator installation project. The free service includes useful tools for calculating passenger traffic, creating layout drawings, and applying elevator specifications.

Mitsubishi EZ-Assist System

A side-view photo of a high speed elevator shaft.

Diamond HS™ Passenger Elevators

Mitsubishi Electric is proud to offer Diamond HS™ premium passenger elevators for high-rise buildings. Diamond HS™ passenger elevators feature innovative technology that not only offers industry-leading passenger comfort and safety, but also meets growing energy efficiency and sustainability demands. Features include:

  • Industry-leading efficiency and power for traction machines
  • Advanced noise-reduction technology for one of the world’s quietest braking systems
  • sfleX-rope™ technology for super high-rise rope mechanics to reduce rope stretching
  • Optional active roller guide to reduce vibration and provide even more passenger comfort
  • VVVF (Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency) inverters for smooth, quiet door operation
  • Artificial intelligence to optimally apportion passengers to cars by a variety of factors
  • Intelligent door systems for uncompromised safety and reliability
  • Speeds from 500 fpm (feet per minute) to 1200 fpm
  • Capacities between 3000 and 4000 lbs.

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Meeting a Wide Variety of Industry Needs

Our high-speed traction elevator products are ideal for buildings with the following features and service needs:

  • Require car speeds of 500 fpm up to 3500 fpm and levels from 15 to 120.
  • Industries such as high-rise hospitality, apartments and condominiums, commercial office buildings and more.